Youth Mentoring Program

Youth Mentoring Overview

Mind Power Unlimited is a youth academic mentoring program. We operate under the auspices of our parent organization. The Drug and Crime Free Foundation located in South Central Los Angles. We are tax deductible under Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In effort to further expand its scope of service the Youth Foundation implemented pedagogy of addressing substance abuse and crime with a combination of preventative programs.

Mind Power is a community based mentor program designed to prevent substance abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, high school drop out, and gang activity among adolescents ages 12-17 through an inclusive support system comprised of mentor teams, academic tutors and parents/guardians. We can no longer expect the inner city public school system with its depleted resources and flagging commitment to education to meet the demands of collage or the high technological work world alone. Our objective is to help these young adults realize their academic potential while offering a positive definition of manhood and womanhood.

The Mentoring

Mentoring programs can address a myriad of issues impacting the lives of adolescents today, including building supportive friendships, providing access to vital resources, and exposing youth to opportunities that have life enhancing possibilities. Mentoring occurs through a caring one to one relationship between a concerned adult and a youth. A mentor is not a replacement for a parent, relative, teacher or school guidance counselor but a supplement to these relationships. The mentoring experience can improve the social chances of an adolescent with economic and educational disadvantages by giving them resources they otherwise might not have.

The Program

In addition to the one on one mentoring component Mind and Power Unlimited incorporates three fundamental components which are designed to foster academic, raise-esteem and strengthen family and peer relations. These components are:

Tutoring- Monday through Friday between 2:30pm and 8:00pm the students report to the program center for group and individual intensive tutorials in English, Spanish, Math, and Science. Special emphasis is placed on SAT preparation, writing techniques and critical analysis skills. The tutors are graduate and undergraduate students from UCLA and USC.

Enrichment Workshops- On Friday of each week, the program host a guest lecturer on contemporary issues for students, parents, and mentors. Career planing workshops are also held at this time.

Team Leadership/Outdoor Adventure- Every 8 to 10 weeks, the students and mentors participate in an outdoor adventure and team leadership field trip or community service project.